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Masks Revisited

I know what you're thinking: "So, tell us the latest about your very interesting mask situation!" OK, thanks for asking. I will.  Go Gaiters As I'm sure you'll recall from my previous post , I was thinking / panicking about getting some extra masks for my children. I also wanted to try some that were just one piece i.e. not pleated, to see if they found them easier to breathe through. I decided to try my luck with some "neck gaiter" style ones that they could wear around their necks and just pull up to cover their noses as needed. I went with a 5-pack from SA Company  via a Facebook ad for suckers which cost $26.93 including postage and packing. We tried these out on a walk one Saturday. At first they were a hit. My son liked pulling it up like a ninja, although he actually preferred pulling the face shield over his entire face, eyes included. They're not very thick, though, so apparently he could still see. After about ten minutes, however, it was c